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WoodStock Farms™ is a real estate firm, primarily dealing in Farmhouse and Bungalow Plots. We have sold more than 1500 acres of developed as well as undeveloped agricultural farm house land since 1998, in and around Pune, to hundreds of satisfied customers. The residential and commercial property market in most of the major cities in India is experiencing a new low due to the sky rocketed prices and cash constraints of the investors, in such an era the agricultural land sector is experiencing a boom due to cheap prices and better appreciation opportunities. Thus WoodStock Farms™ assures its customers the best available land taking into consideration factors like prime locations, appreciation, security, access, future developments, basic amenities, climate, natural beauty etc. which make purchasing a farmhouse or bungalow plot from us a pleasurable experience.
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The Developer reserves the right to add, modify, cancel any or all of the amenities or layouts
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